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Man-power on demand

Apart from creating software from scratch, we also offer to hire our developers to extend your team or create a team from scratch.

How does it work

Some projects require custom dev team.
We understand.

Step 1

Tell us your needs

Fill the enquire form below. We'll get in touch with you and schedule a call to discuss your needs.
Step 2

Interview & hire devs

Interview and choose our developers based on your needs while we prepare all the paperwork.
Step 3

Start working

Developers start working on your project and you receive ongoing support from us.
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Answers on questions you might like to ask

How does it work?

After you send us the project description with all the details, we will offer you suitable developers and prices for the contract. You can check the CVs of these developers and if you are happy, we sign a contract and developers can start working on your project.

Do you have a team of developers that are ready to start working now?

Depends – we might have developers ready to start straight away, but usually, our developers are working on other projects and it takes about 4-8 weeks to start working on your project.

Do I need to send you any details about the project?

Yes. The more information we have about the project, the better match will be between your project and developers. Keep in mind it is not only you to choose developers, but also developers to choose a project.

How long is the process?

We might have developers to start straight away. But usually, all the process takes between 4-8 weeks. If you send us a detailed description of the project, you will receive the first developers' CVs in less than 1 week.

Need help?

If you need any help, or you would prefer to contact us directly, email me on dysko@objectify.sk.
Igor Dysko
Managing Partner