About Us

We are your next project’s specialists, that do things right.

WHat we do

We create robust, reliable, scalable, and fast enterprise software.

Data integration

Is your data spread across tons of applications that prevent you from getting one aggregated view or report?

A similar situation in numerous organizations – data is spread across many applications, different locations, or various formats. There is no easy way to look at all the data and evaluate it. The data needs to be copied and combined manually, which requires human labor and takes a lot of time.

We pull, push, and combine data from all types of sources regardless of the location or technology. We provide comprehensive reports, analytics, and graphical views of your data, which significantly improves decision making in your business.

High availability

Does downtime of your IT systems cause you financial losses?

There are not many companies in the world of today that could afford outages in service providing, that would not lead to dissatisfaction with their customers. If an application needs to be in service 24/7, then the demand for a reliable service that runs perfectly, even while undergoing upgrades, is even greater. Our solutions allow for upgrades without an outage of service providing.

We implement systems with high availability architecture that help you to reduce system downtime. Our solution’s critical components are ready for any unexpected events that could bring down servers.

High scalability

Is your system ready to handle a growing amount of users or data loads?

Many companies face the problem that their systems are not capable of providing services to more customers or that the extension of their services would lead to lower quality. The performance of their applications limits the growth of their business.

We create applications that can handle an increasing number of users, functions, geographic locations, and data loads. Our systems are adaptable to the requirements of a growing business and highly scalable.

Automated testing

How much effort do you have to put into manual testing after every small change in the system?

If you cannot make changes in an application source code without the feeling that something will stop working, it is time to look into automated testing. The same is advisable if your testing team needs a lot of time to re-test the old functionality after each release.

We help clients build tests that uncover a broken functionality in backend services or defects in the frontend of the application. In our projects, we use test-driven development. It fixes every reported bug with a specific test. We’ve also developed Testissimo – a unique solution for automated UI tests.

Our commitment

Creating software since 2014. We love quality, maintainability, and functionality. We also like things to work fast.

Clean code

We write clean code because developers spend more time reading the code than writing.

Release often

We release often. Not every two weeks, not every four weeks, but as soon as it makes sense.

Copy paste

We make sure we do not duplicate algorithms. Duplication may be the root of all evil in software.

Quality check

We use pull requests to ensure quality. Pull requests without automated tests is not our cup of tea.

Our primary objective is to deliver high-quality digital products. We believe that high quality goes hand in hand with the quality of our employees. You can read more about this in our company policy.