About Us

About Us

Creating software since 2014. We love quality, maintainability and functionality. We also like things to work fast.


We are crafting an effective software out of various, challenging ideas. We make ideas work in real word. We deliver high quality and we deliver it fast, thanks to our employees – regional top talents.


We are working for leading companies that are innovation and success driven. During the last 5 years we have developed strong relationships and today we are able to deliver high satisfaction.

Clean Code

We write clean code, because developers spend more time reading the code than writing.

Release often

We release often. Not every two weeks, not every four weeks, but as soon as it makes sense.

Automated testing

We run automated tests. If tests pass, we release. If there’s a bug, we write test that fails. Then we fix it. Strictly in this order.

Copy Paste

We make sure we do not duplicate algorithms. Duplication may be the root of all evil in software.

Quality check

We use pull requests to ensure quality. Pull requests without automated tests is not our cup of tea.

We take time to go fast.

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