Diagnostic nodes

Documenting and comparing medical treatment methods

We have created a software solution that helps document treatment procedures using decision trees. The application helps compare such trees, calculate the most frequent mode of treatment for the given parameters, and also offers a statistical evaluation of collected data.

This solution was used to compare various treatment methods in more than a dozen Swiss hospitals. Using our application, a study has been conducted looking at the use of a special Roche medication.

Technologies: Java, GWT, Google app engine, Google BigTable

Notification Centre

Integration component for sending e-mail, text and push messages

In cooperation with Asseco Central Europe and its partners, we took part in the implementation of the integrated solution for Slovakia’s largest bank Slovenska Sporitelna.

The integration component called Notification Center aims to unify and simplify the bank’s communication with its clients using e-mail, text and push messages for the Android and iOS platforms. The Notification Centre ensures the prioritisation of sending messages, solving service outages (e.g. operators’ SMS gateways), encryption and electronic signing of messages, as well as other aspects related to the bank’s communications with its clients, while it provides a simple and unified interface for existing information systems. In the implementation of this bank’s mission-critical component, the emphasis was put on the high availability and security of the service because the Notification Centre is used for sending sensitive data, such as the security keys used to log in to the Internet Banking.

Technologies: Spring Integration, JMS, Webservices, XML, Joox, Junit

Document and knowledge management tool

Unstructured data management application

A tremendous quantity of different documents, photos and instructions are generated every day at Orange and they all must be centrally archived and searchable. These documents are often saved in shared network drives, in databases or worse, locally by users. In these cases, it is often difficult to search, track changes, manage rights, give notice of content changes and so on.

Therefore we created an application able to handle a large volume of documents and allow them to effectively perform full-text search and tag-based categorisation. The application facilitates very precise definition of who and how the given documents may be read, modified and made accessible to others. The application includes a mechanism for tracking and giving notice of changes, complete management of the glossary used for tagging, a validation mechanism and various other useful functions. Users who need to create content directly in the application can use a special module for creating wiki pages or document processes using decision trees, which can also be launched.

Within the Orange Group, the application has been installed at Orange Slovakia, Orange Poland, Orange Botswana and is available to users from Orange Ivory Coast and Orange Senegal in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode.

Technologies: Java, Jetty, Hibernate, Solr, Java Jersey, Guice, MySql, Akka, GIT

Inventory Integration 2 – CELINE (CEntraL INventory Europe)

Integration of data from different systems and central management

Following successful implementation of the initial version of the <a>Inventory Integration</a> project, new requirements for integration and system functionality appeared.

We replaced an expensively licensed and user-inefficient Netcracker application, implementing a completely new web-based and responsible front-end in its place for work with integrated inventory data.

Navigation was based on full-text search and we later implemented integration with OpenStreetMaps, as well as advanced user rights management and reporting. We also enabled users to switch to any past date to review changes that occurred in the network from a specific date or see how the network looked on a given date.

Data concerning installed devices and their connectivity as well as various other types of information stored in an unstructured format, such as manuals, configuration guides, connection schematics and more are required when troubleshooting network problems. We integrated another one of our products, <A>Document and knowledge management tool</a> into Central Inventory for this purpose. In the current version, users can use full-text search to simply search through structured inventory and unstructured documentation and wiki pages.

Technologies: Java, Jetty, Hibernate, Hibernate Search, Java Jersey, Guice, PostgreSQL, GIT

Inventory integration

Integration of data from heterogeneous systems

In cooperation with Orange Inventory Skill Center we integrated inventory and network management applications used by the European branches of Orange. Our solution unified the way in which data from different systems is viewed. It also improved the quality of existing data.

Our solution regularly migrates, transforms and unifies data into the centralized cloud system of Orange. The scope of migrated data is some 7 million objects a day. The system architecture had to conform to the general system scalability and throughput. We were very meticulous about maintaining the security and quality of data.

This activity is the beginning of a transformation process within the Orange Group with further European branches to be integrated in the future.

Technologies: Talend Open studio, Oracle, NetCracker

Microwave chains

Transparent overview of microwave chains

In cooperation with our partners from BinaryCamp we have implemented a visualisation extension to the NetCracker inventory framework for Orange. The product is used to keep track of links between technologies using microwave chains. The users simply add objects from the inventory into the visual schematic and create links between them. They can change the visual properties of objects and move them around within the schematic.

Visual functionality is integrated with the NetCracker framework environment. Business logic used to find the needed objects was implemented on the system API. It stores them in our new visual model, then transforms the model and stores it in inventory objects.

Technologies: NetCracker, Java applet, JEE, NetBeans Visual Library

IP management

Registration and management of IP addresses

We have implemented an IP address and space management project for Orange Slovensko. It was a comprehensive project covering everything from requirement analysis, solution design, to the implementation of the final product. It runs under NetCracker, which is the main inventory application of Orange Slovensko.

The workflows we have designed control and document the communication of operations teams in the process of the allocation and assignment of IP addresses and scopes to various teams or devices. We have created a module that allows Orange administrators to perform complete IP scope administration. Along with the control of all validation rules which need to be taken into account in the IP world.

Technologies: NetCracker, JEE, JSF (Richfaces), Java


Simple invoice processing without any re-typing

Our application helps to process unstructured customer invoices. We have created a software product that lets users extract all the relevant data from invoices – producing a .pdf file.

The application was integrated with the payment systems of Slovenská sporiteľňa and PAY by square. A user can thus pay any received invoice without having to manually re-type any information.

Technologies: Java, GWT, MySQL, PdfBox, PostFix

Compensation calculator

Help in radiological therapy

When undergoing radiological treatment it is vital to adhere to the radiation therapy schedule. However, this is not always the case. That is why we have created an application that allows a physician to prepare a precisely scheduled and applied treatment based on which he/she can calculate all ways to modify the remaining radiation dosage to obtain the best possible result. Our system can help quantify the compensation index based on which the physician can decide which replacement therapy to choose.

The application works great on Android based mobile phones and tablets.

Technologies: Java, Android


Quick application development and integration

Topdesk is a platform for the quick development and integration of applications made by the German software developer COR&FJA which develops banking- and insurance-related products. We have participated to a great extent in the design of the general concept and implementation of the generic platform functionality. For developers, we have standardized the process of creating the client side of new applications. We have created an extensive functionality package. It allows to define advanced validation, application navigation, security and various other aspects that frequently repeat in the development process and need to be implemented over and over again.

Technologies: EclipseRCP/RAP, JFace, JSR303, Java

NC Cracker

Eliminating the weaknesses of NetCracker

We have extensive experience customizing and developing new NetCracker modules. We have developed a specialized code generator that eliminates the disadvantages of NetCracker (writing of code firmly locked to a database with no object orientation and compiler support). Thanks to our application, code can be written much faster. We have also improved its legibility and the speed at which errors can be identified without having to launch the application. This generator is fully integrated with our Eclipse development environment.

Technologies: EclipseRCP, NetCracker, Java

Mortgage bond cover register

Statistical and reporting module

In cooperation with COR&FJA we have made a special application for DEGUSSA Bank, a mortgage bank, allowing the registration of cover for issued mortgage bonds. The solution includes a statistical and reporting module for the statutory reporting of cover for the German BaFin.

The system was integrated with the current application infrastructure to include current information about valuables that can be used as collateral.

Technologies: SWING, Jacarta framework, Java

One screen widget

The most important functions in one place.

Would you also like to have all vital information stored on your smartphone on your home screen? We sure would. That’s why we have developed a widget for all Android based devices.

We have eliminated all needless borders and texts. Our widget integrates calendar, alarm clock, three-day task list, a list of your favourite contacts and applications, as well as toggles for various phone functions.

Technologies: Java, Android

On-line Reservation of Gas Reservoirs

A gas reservoir capacity purchase system

In cooperation with OnTec a.g. we have created a flexible solution allowing gas reservoir capacity to be reserved. It consists of a product configuration module and an on-line order system using which customers can purchase available reservoir capacity.

Our application allows clients to completely describe a product, apply different validation criteria, and implement the complete financial and physical mathematics of the given product. The order system then interprets the configured products and allows their sale.

Technologies: JSF (Primefaces/Richfaces), JEE(JBoss), Hibernate, Java