We are NetCracker specialists. Few know as much about this system as we do. Based on this know-how, we can offer customers complete software modules along with system-related consulting. We also develop NetCracker extensions, which make our work easier and allow us to deliver superior products faster.

Inventory integration

Integration of data from heterogeneous systems

In cooperation with Orange Inventory Skill Center we integrated inventory and network management applications used by the European branches of Orange. Our solution unified the way in which data from different systems is viewed. It also improved the quality of existing data.

Our solution regularly migrates, transforms and unifies data into the centralized cloud system of Orange. The scope of migrated data is some 7 million objects a day. The system architecture had to conform to the general system scalability and throughput. We were very meticulous about maintaining the security and quality of data.

This activity is the beginning of a transformation process within the Orange Group with further European branches to be integrated in the future.

Technologies: Talend Open studio, Oracle, NetCracker

Microwave chains

Transparent overview of microwave chains

In cooperation with our partners from BinaryCamp we have implemented a visualisation extension to the NetCracker inventory framework for Orange. The product is used to keep track of links between technologies using microwave chains. The users simply add objects from the inventory into the visual schematic and create links between them. They can change the visual properties of objects and move them around within the schematic.

Visual functionality is integrated with the NetCracker framework environment. Business logic used to find the needed objects was implemented on the system API. It stores them in our new visual model, then transforms the model and stores it in inventory objects.

Technologies: NetCracker, Java applet, JEE, NetBeans Visual Library

IP management

Registration and management of IP addresses

We have implemented an IP address and space management project for Orange Slovensko. It was a comprehensive project covering everything from requirement analysis, solution design, to the implementation of the final product. It runs under NetCracker, which is the main inventory application of Orange Slovensko.

The workflows we have designed control and document the communication of operations teams in the process of the allocation and assignment of IP addresses and scopes to various teams or devices. We have created a module that allows Orange administrators to perform complete IP scope administration. Along with the control of all validation rules which need to be taken into account in the IP world.

Technologies: NetCracker, JEE, JSF (Richfaces), Java

NC Cracker

Eliminating the weaknesses of NetCracker

We have extensive experience customizing and developing new NetCracker modules. We have developed a specialized code generator that eliminates the disadvantages of NetCracker (writing of code firmly locked to a database with no object orientation and compiler support). Thanks to our application, code can be written much faster. We have also improved its legibility and the speed at which errors can be identified without having to launch the application. This generator is fully integrated with our Eclipse development environment.

Technologies: EclipseRCP, NetCracker, Java