Objectify arose from a merger between everyObJect and JArchitects, which had been operating on the European market until 2008.

We specialize in the development of software made to customer specifications. Our products are mainly used in telecommunications, banking and medical science. Take a look yourselves.

We focus on the quality of the final product, which drives all our endeavours and the development process. We work iteratively to offer our customers a partial solution as soon as possible, which is then modified to its final form. During the development period the customer has a good idea of the product he/she is going to use, and can efficiently steer developments in the right direction.

We are NetCracker specialists. Few know as much about this system as we do. Based on this know-how, we can offer customers complete software modules along with system-related consulting. We also develop NetCracker extensions, which make our work easier and allow us to deliver superior products faster.

Our customers can also hire qualified programmers to do work for them. Our expertise is with Java and PL/SQL programming languages. Our employees and partners also have extensive experience with other development tools and languages.

Our work tools
Languages and frameworks: Android, AngularJS, Bootstrap, GWT, Hibernate, Java, JEE, JDO, JPA, JSF, JSP, PLS/SQL, Servelts, Spring, Spring integration, SVN, HTML, CSS, Talend open studio, TotalJS
Databases: Google Big table, IMB DB2, Oracle, Postgres
Application and web servers: Apache, Google app engine, JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic


Ing. Ján Čúzy

Ing. Igor Dysko

Objectify, s.r.o
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821 05 Bratislava
Corporate ID: 47975890
Tax ID: 2024 16 9290
VAT ID: SK 2024 16 9290